Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Baby Hogan is a....


Mike and I are happy to announce the new addition to our family is a bouncing (literally, we saw him bounce around) baby boy! Mike is elated to have a boy to pass down the Hogan family name to and, while I was initially hoping for a girl, a boy is equally as exciting!  We are so happy to have a healthy and energetic little boy coming to us in April!

Also, I figured I should explain the story behind Baby Maximus, since my brother's response to him finding out he was getting a nephew was "Please name him something normal."  Ever since I've known Mike, he's said he wanted to name his son Maximus.  Part of me thinks he's joking and only saying it because I'm so against it, but part of me doesn't doubt that if it were up to him, he'd have a son named Maximus.  Since I quickly vetoed Maximus, we came up with another name for a boy.  We decided to keep that name a secret and, as a compromise, I told Mike we could call the baby "Baby Maximus" until it was born and we've revealed the real name.  

Baby Maximus, we love you and are so happy you are you. 

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