Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Anna and Emma!

Birthdays are always fun and double birthdays mean double the fun!! Today is two of my favorite girls' birthdays and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate them on the blog!

 I can't believe it's been a whole year since our not-so-little Baby Emma was born!  While she had a rocky start to the world, she has done nothing but smile and laugh since she came home.  She has won both Mike and my hearts and we are constantly bothering Emma's parents for a video chat date with Baby Emma.  Spending a few days with her in June was a highlight of my trip home and I don't think I heard her cry once while I was with her.  When we have seen her upset, it's almost as cute as her smile and laugh. She is so close to walking and doesn't manage to stay on video chat with us for long due to her enthusiasm for crawling.  Our video chats with the Ficks now consist of talking to Anna and Mike while we watch Emma come on and off the screen as she crawls around.  Long gone are the days where she was on the blanket for the entire chat. It has been SUCH a joy to watch Emma grow into such a little lady this past year and we are so excited to continue this journey with her as her Godparents.

It's funny to look back at this picture and see this little baby because she looks nothing like the Emma we know and love! So little!

Fulfilling our Godparent duties from afar via Skype.
Be still my beating heart....

Maybe more deserving of a celebration on a baby's first birthday are the parents. I'm constantly impressed with Anna and Mike's parenting skills and how naturally it comes to both of them in different styles.  Emma's love for them is apparent every time we video chat with them and I'm sure it will only grow in the next year.  They are some of the role models Mike and I will try to emulate one day with our own family.

I still remember talking to Anna around this time last year and getting excited that Emma could be making her appearance that day! What a great birthday present! If there is anyone who is meant to be a mom, it's Anna.   She approaches motherhood with such ease, it's fun to watch.  More importantly, though, Anna is an incredible person.  While 99.9% of our conversations revolve around Emma, that other 0.1% of conversations are often my favorite.  She is so grounded and level-headed.  She is the type-A to my type-B. She is there to be excited with me over things like boyfriends that turn into husbands and there to listen to things like moving to Turkey freakouts. I've never had a sister, but I imagine this is what it's like.

Little baby Sarah and Anna on JMU move in day.  I'll never stop loving this picture!

Happy birthday to two of my favorite girls! I love you both so much and am so thankful for the roles you play in my life (and in Mike/Uncle Hoagie's).  Have a wonderful day celebrating and we'll do the same!!

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