Monday, August 1, 2016

Berlin: Week #1

I've been putting off posting in hopes of some big housing news, but since that hasn't come yet, I figured I'd update you on the going ons here anyways. We haven't been super busy, but we have been out and about trying to explore at least one new thing every day, as well as fit in some house hunting.

The first weekend we were here was the gay pride festival right outside of our hotel.  This seems to be a trend that follows me in new cities.  The first day I arrived in Paris for my study abroad program, the gay pride parade marched right in front of my dorm.  While the Berlin gay pride festival had nothing on the Paris one, it was fun to go check out.  There were even signs in defense of repealing the law in North Carolina.  Pretty cool!! Mike and I even got interviewed for an English speaking YouTube channel.  I'm pretty sure we were the most awkward people ever to be interviewed because the guy just kind of threw his phone in our face and asked us what we thought of gay pride, but whatever.  We're kind of famous...and we love gay pride!  Also, every few blocks there were tents with multiple kinds of sangria. #heaven.

We also arrived just in time for the craft beer week, which is like arriving just in time for Christmas in Mike's eyes.  So, when we weren't house hunting, we were craft beer festival-ing.  There are worse things in life.  It was actually a great way to see the different areas of the city because there were multiple events each day, in different parts of the city.  The week ended with a two day festival.  We ventured there on Friday and enjoyed LOTS of craft beer.  It was quite the way to end our first week in Germany. 

The other thing we've been doing is lots of eating.  In Turkey, we had the option of Turkish food, Turkish food and....Turkish food.  Oh, and expensive, bad Chinese food.  Not good, bad Chinese food like we like to eat normally, but BAD Chinese food. Needless to say, having ethnic food options is like my Christmas!

We've had everything from German food (duhsies) to Korean food and everything in between.  

Sushi?  Check.
Pizza? Check.
Pho? Check.
Dim Sum (whatever that is)? Check.
Ramen? Check.

German food!

Korean food!

Saturday, we decided to just walk around and explore the city on foot.  Berlin is such an eclectic city with TONS of opportunities for good people watching.  I've noticed there is a ton of diversity (yay!) here, while none at all.  Since this is such a big expat city, there are tons of people from all over the world here.  It's so cool.  That being said, I've never seen so much blonde hair! I mean, I knew Germans were blonde haired and blue eyed, but man, I never realized how true that is.  In Turkey, all the Turks thought Mike was Turkish, especially in the summer when he was tan.  Now, all the Germans think I'm German.  The only difference is, Mike speaks Turkish and do not speak German.  Almost everyone in the city speaks English, though, so we haven't run into a language barrier at all.  I guess that's why the Olmsted Foundation only sends refugees to Berlin....

This one's for you, Cookie and Chance!

my life motto...

Our house hunting experience has gone really well and we're hoping that the stars will align later today or tomorrow morning so that I will have big news to post for you, but until then...mums the word!

That's a wrap for our first week in Berlin! It's been a fun week of sight seeing and exploring, as well as house hunting.  Here's to hoping week #2 will bring good news and more fun!