Sunday, November 22, 2015

One Year

It's truly been an incredible year and, at risk of sounding cheesy and like a cliche, I can't imagine spending it with anyone else.  Our first year of marriage had a lot of experiences that most newlyweds never get to experience, but I feel like it was also filled with typical ups and downs that make up the first year of marriage. Throughout all of these ups and downs,  I've learned a lot about Mike and I'm sure that he's learned a lot about me.

Here are twenty two (today is the 22nd) things that I've learned about Mike this year...

  1. He doesn't like to do dishes. At all.
  2. Despite his dislike for fruits and vegetables, he actually enjoys cooking and is always interested in finding new things to try in the kitchen.
  3. He's a great friend to his friends, even from a distance.
  4. He likes to read...a lot (I'm still the faster reader, though).
  5. His eyes light up when he sees our Goddaughter Emma on video chat and he is constantly asking when we're going to video chat with baby Emma.  He loves her as much as I do and it's so heartwarming to see.
  6. He loves to travel and is great at planning our trips.
  7. He does a lot better with moving to a new country than me.  A LOT better.
  8. He's really good at holding me and calming me down when I'm so homesick I can't stop crying.
  9. He's good at speaking Turkish.
  10. He's good at logistics.  Moving here was a logistical nightmare and he stayed on top of the millions of things that needed to get done before and after we arrived.
  11. He's not afraid to yell at people if the time and place calls for it (this was learned multiple times in Turkey when dealing with the bureaucracy).
  12. He likes to horsepet me.  If you don't know what a horsepet is, I'm sure he'll demonstrate.  
  13. He likes a good glass of wine, but not as much as a good glass of beer or scotch.
  14. He's got some grey hairs (probably from me!).
  15. He cares about fitness and working out, but isn't going to go crazy if he misses a workout (which I appreciate!).
  16. He's interested in politics and likes to be informed about the happenings of government.
  17. He doesn't like clowns.  There is a clown that comes on our street every day asking for money and it freaks Mike out every time we walk past it.
  18. He also doesn't like snakes.  We've been to a crazy number of zoos this year and the snake exhibit always gets him.
  19. He is funny.  He constantly cracks me up, which is definitely appreciated. 
  20. Once he makes up his mind, it's really hard to get him to change his decision. 
  21. He loves my friends, even if he is constantly calling them "gross."
  22. He loves me more than I could imagine and I love him just as much as he loves me.
I know this was the epitome of the cheesy spouse post, but I figure I'm allowed one day a year for it.  I can't wait for more years of horsepets, travel, wine, and lots and lots of love!  Happy anniversary Mike! You are what I am thankful for today and every day. I love you!