Friday, November 27, 2015

Exploring Catania

On our last day in Sicily, we decided to explore Catania.  We had been staying there throughout our whole trip, but hadn't had a chance to explore actual Catania since we had been in Siracusa and Mt. Etna the days before.   We didn't really have much of a plan since there aren't a ton of actual sights to see, but wandering around the city kept us entertained pretty much all morning until we had to leave for our flight. 

The town square is the main tourist sight and it's definitely worth the venture.  I could have sat there all day people watching and just taking in the city.

The cathedral in the town square is incredible and breath taking.  The outside is full of statues and detailed architecture, while the inside is just as magnificent with artwork covering the floors and ceilings.

It was almost funny walking through the city because things that were just so normal and average in Catania were breath taking to us Americans living in Turkey where there isn't a lot of ambiance or attention to detail. We'd turn down a street and there would be a stunning statue in the middle of the street. No big freaking deal.  Just a gorgeous statue. 

This church had me almost laughing out loud because of the contrast from the outside to the inside. On the outside, it looked like the deteriorating remains of what used to be a church.  We decided to go inside and, let. me. tell. you., this church was gorgeous. Half of it looked like it was made out of marble and there were icons and paintings everywhere.  Absolutely stunning and you'd never know it from the outside. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed.

 After exploring the church, we headed back to the town square for some souvenir shopping and an early lunch.

Mike had pasta, while I had the focaccia bread.  Nomz.

Throughout the entire trip, we kept seeing "Russo" all around, which just made my heart so happy.

I definitely didn't expect to  see Hogan anywhere, but lo and behold...

It was an incredible trip and, even a week later, we're still loving the experience and trying to figure out when we can go back. Sicily was everything I imagined and more and the Italian lifestyle is definitely something I could get used to.  Italy, we'll see you soon!