Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy birthday Emma!

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These crazy kids are parents!!
Dear Emma, 

Happy birthday! We're so glad you're here. There are so many people who have been waiting for nine months for you to make your appearance. We've been buying changing tables, diaper bags and TONS of clothes in preparation for your arrival, but nothing we could have done would have prepared us for your birthday. You're quite the little drama queen and gave us all a pretty big scare.  You probably don't remember it and I'm sure your parents have told you their story, but here's your Uncle Mike and my story.

In case you didn't know, we live in Izmir, Turkey.  That's pretty far from Washington. Your morning is my night time.  On your mom's birthday (and now yours!), I messaged your mom a happy birthday in the afternoon in Turkey and was surprised that she messaged me back, since it was the middle of the night.  She said you were keeping her awake with all of these contractions, which was pretty normal, but that they were pretty intense and closer together than normal.  

We spent the next few hours chatting and getting excited for you to make your appearance since that seemed like it was going to happen pretty soon.  Your dad was at work, so your mom was just trying to pass the time until he came home for lunch. We debated on when to call the doctor and whether this was the real thing. Your mom was trying really hard to be patient and I was definitely not helping!  

I was so excited.  You see, your mom is the first of my friends to have a baby, which makes you extra special in my eyes. Bed time rolled around right as your mom and dad decided to make their way to the hospital.  I had a hard time falling asleep that night because I just wanted to see your picture. 

I fell asleep for a few restless hours (your Uncle Mike was sound asleep, of course) and woke up to some pretty scary news.  Things had not gone as planned and you had to be delivered via emergency c-section before being helovaced to Seattle Children's Hospital's NICU.

Oh, we were scared.  

We waited for what seemed like days for any information on how you were doing.  We said lots of prayers to St. Luke and St. Philomena (Saint Luke is the saint of doctors and St. Philomena is the saint of infants and's a Catholic thing).  We even had my entire family and Aunt Karen's entire family praying for you.  There are a few Stefanskis and Russos who have direct lines to Heaven, so we knew you were in good hands. Luckily, your mom, dad and grandma were pretty good about giving us updates and within 24 hours, those doctors and nurses had you feeling a little bit better. 

Over the next few days, you were a rockstar and made great improvements.  We were so proud of you and it was a huge sigh of relief to see you feeling so much better.  

You definitely know how to make a dramatic entrance and give your parents a crash course on parenting.  Let's make sure that doesn't happen again, okay? I don't know if your mom can handle it.  

Your Uncle Mike and I are so excited to meet you.  We already love you so much and know you are going to do great things with this life of yours.  You fought so hard to make it here and we're so proud of you already. 


Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah (one of them!)

Emma Kathryn Fick was born at 4:23pm on August 10th, 2015 to Anna and Michael Fick.  She had a rough entrance to the world via emergency c-section and was severely anemic, but has made great strides and is definitely a little fight. She's improving everyday and should make a full recovery.