Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Anna!

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Almost eight years ago to the day, a special person came in my life.  It started with an email, a FaceBook friend request, and a long conversation with my dad and ended with a phone call to me at summer camp as I was finishing up my summer as a counselor.  While I was a little overwhelmed at first by the multiple contact attempts, I quickly realized the reason for the excitement. Almost eight years ago to the day, I was on the phone having my first (of many) conversations with soon-to-be room mate Anna. 

Fast forward a few weeks to move in day and after a long day of moving and rearranging furniture, it was time to say goodbye to my parents.  I walked them to the elevator and said a tearful goodbye. I knew once the elevator came, that I'd have to turn around and go back into my room, where my new room mate was, despite the fact that I was crying. I had just spent all day trying to be cool and make a good first impression and now I was going to have to walk back into the room crying.  I took a deep breath and wiped my tears and headed into my new room. I tried to look away from Anna, but there was no hiding the fact that I had been crying. Before I could even make up some lame excuse, she looks at me and matter-of-factly says

"It's okay. I just did that."

Anna and I on move in day freshman year

It was right then that I knew we would be friends. I love that story because I think it sums up Anna and my friendship perfectly.  Anna has been the rational one while I have been the emotional? (sure, we'll go with that) one. 

Anna and I would go on to be room mates all four years of college.  She was the first person I'd celebrate accomplishments with and the shoulder I'd cry on when I was struggling.  She was the perfect room mate. 

After college, the fun didn't end.  Anna got engaged the summer after college and we spent the next year discussing wedding details between visits to Annapolis and Boston. That spring, we galavanted around Annapolis for her bachelorette party and that June, I proudly stood beside her as she married the man of her dreams. 

Anna and I at her bridal shower
and on the big day!

Little did I know, she'd be helping me meet mine.  That's right...across the aisle was Mike!  Not only was it a great day celebrating Anna becoming a Fick, it'd be the day that I'd meet my future mister.  What. A. Day.

Over the next two years, Anna would celebrate the excitements of Mike and my relationships, as well as help me through the struggles of deployment and long distance.  I couldn't have picked a better person to stand beside me on my big day as my matron of honor.

Anna and I on my wedding day!

So, here's to Anna on her birthday. I am so thankful to have been assigned Anna as my room mate. She became more than a room mate and more than just another friend.  I never had a sister, but I imagine this is kind of what it's like. 

Now, pop out that baby so I can meet little miss Emma!

I'd say she's going to have a baby pretty soon, dontcha think?

Mike is also thankful that Anna was born.  As we're eating dinner last night, he goes "I don't know what I should thank Anna Fick for more, you or this enchiladas recipe."