Thursday, July 9, 2015

Crickets chirping

I wish I could say that I haven't been blogging because we've been so busy, but really, it's quite the opposite.  We've just been sitting in our lawn chairs in our apartment doing a whole lot of nothing.  It's been tough because I go to class from 9:00-1:00 and then Mike goes to class from 2:00-6:00 and usually goes to Crossfit afterwards.  That leaves us with about three hours of time to hang out.  Anyways, here's a run down of what we have and haven't done this week.

We have...

  • drank filtered, but not boiled water and survived!
  • found a shopping cart and used it!
  • video chatted with my parents and Anna and Karen (not all at once, although maybe we should arrange that)
  • cooked multiple dinners using only one pot, one knife and/or a crockpot
  • sang the Bare Necessities song multiple times in attempts to make ourselves feel better about the lack of furniture (okay, that was just Sarah, but still...)
  • spent multiple hours in our lawn chairs in the living room
  • blown a fuse multiple times, not even doing anything
  • walked along the Kordon 
  • went to a museum to see a collection of ancient rugs. ( Super fascinating and made my hands hurt just thinking about sewing them.)
  • watched a protest about China not allowing the minority Muslims to fast or worship during Ramadan
  • listened to street performers from our balcony and then sent multiple snapchats about it
  • been harassed by protesters against nuclear power.  Okay that was only Mike, but imagine what Mr. Nuclear Power Submariner had to say about that!

We have not.....
  • figured out how to use our oven.  Any tips on what these symbols might mean?
The one on the right is for the temperature, but other than that, we've got no idea. We've yet to even figure out how to turn it on.....