Sunday, July 26, 2015

All Moved In!

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I think I said that the next post would be a home tour, but we're not QUITE done yet.  We spent all day yesterday looking for random things for our home, such as a bath mat that randomly got lost in the move, as well as a transformer so we can plug in our wine fridge (priorities).  While we did find the bath mat, we did not find the transformer, sadly.  Don't worry, that hasn't stopped us from enjoying a nice glass (or three), but I would like to put that wine fridge to good use over the next two years, especially with some Turkish wine!   

While the wine fridge transformer was of the utmost importance on the list, there were other things on the list, although I kind of had a one track mind.  The hardest thing to find was the hardware that is used to hold the shelves of our bookshelf.  Somehow (don't ask me how), the movers lost the set for one shelf.  We have the little pieces for the other three shelves, but this set of four got misplaced.  How? We'fl never know.  We barely know how to get to the hardware store in the United States, much less in Turkey.  We ended up at a mall (a real, actual mall with actual stores! It even put some smaller American malls to shame) that had a huge hardware store.  I'll need to check with my intellectual property mom, but I'm pretty sure this hardware store (yes, it was located in the mall....weird, but we don't ask questions anymore) is breaking some serious rules because it's logo looked like Home Depot, but with a different name. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, then.... yup. Probably some serious intellectual property issues, but....Turkey. 

Anyways, we ended up at this hardware store and spent a half an hour wandering around trying to find where there were things like nails and screws.  Our worst fear was that we'd have to ask someone.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I would have just gone home and paid the $30 in shipping from Amazon in order to avoid that mortifying interaction. Luckily, Mike is ten times braver than I am and would have stepped up to the challenge, I'm sure. After 30 minutes of wandering around, we found the aisle with nails and they even had the little pieces we needed! Calling it a success, we headed up to the mall's food court for lunch where we were greeted with a Burger King, a SBarro, a McDonalds and a KFC.  We ended up at a sit down restaurant which was actually decent and served burgers and pasta. 

After our adventure to the mall, we (I use this term loosely) spent the rest of the afternoon hanging up pictures.  We were not-so-pleasantly surprised to find out that our walls are made of cement, which makes hanging pictures extra fun.  Add in the fact that our ceilings are not level, so hanging pictures always look crooked and you've got yourself just a little fiesta of a picture hanging party. We continued this little fiesta today and will keep on partying tomorrow until all of the pictures are hung.  

I took a break from slave driving Mike and allowed him to stop last night and go out for a drink (I'm kind, I know). We have found a bar that is pretty cool and has more than Efes beer on tap for Mike. Plus, they make a plethora of the fruity drinks for yours truly, so it's really a win win.  We even met up with one of the Air Force guys stationed here, although he'll be leaving in a few months.  It was really nice to have social interaction with someone other than Mike. I love Mike, but I know he's bound to get tired of his slave driving wife, so it was good to meet up with someone.  Hopefully we'll get to hang out with him a few more times, as well as spend time with whoever replaces him.

We ended the weekend by going to see Ant Man at the movie theater. I probably would have opted out if we had been in the United States and instead chosen Inside Out, but considering Ant Man was in English and Inside Out was actually in English, my decision was already made for me. It was actually entertaining.  There were some funny parts and the plot was easy to follow.  I wouldn't pay American movie theater prices for it, but $6 a person is definitely worth it.  Side note: movie theaters here have intermission.  I love it!

Alright, I promise promise promise that the next update will be a house update.  I know you'll be anxiously waiting (probs not, but a girl can dream., right?)