Monday, December 3, 2012

data chats

I just got back from yoga and I think every muscle in my body is sore.  Every toxin in my body was sweated out, though, and it felt so good.  I love it.  

Today was really good.  We weren't in class because we were doing data chats. Basically, we were talking to every ninth grader who didn't pass the FCAT (Florida's version of the SOL) and going over the FCAT scores as well as all of their other standardized test scores.  Lots of times, they don't even know their scores and no one at home pays attention to the scores or understands them, so the kids don't really try.  It was a lot of fun, especially when they realized how close they were to passing.  I think it was good motivation for them to pay attention and stay focused.  I really liked meeting with the students.  I felt like they really listened and cared, which I don't always see in class.  I also got to talk to kids in our class that I don't always get to work with. One kid who's super quiet was hilarious once I actually talked to him one on one.  He told me that he didn't even try on the test.  One part of the test was to listen to words said aloud and they have to spell it out.  The kid didn't even try and put on the headphones!  Driving me crazy!  Once I showed him how close he was to passing, I think he felt pretty silly, so I hope he remembers it the next time testing comes along. 

I sometimes get frustrated being in class because my teacher is sub par and the kids don't show any motivation.  I got to see them in a whole new light and, in turn, was motivation for myself to keep pushing on.  It was a good day.