Monday, December 17, 2012

birthday in boston

I know that it was a great weekend when I don't want to go back. Whenever I'm on vacation, there's always a little part of me that is excited to get back in my bed and have my routine back.  Even trips where I'm having a blast, there's always a little desire for the normalcy.  There are very few trips where I don't feel that.  This weekend was one of them. If I could have kept this weekend going (or rewind to last year), I would have.  It was an amazing two days.

I landed at 9:30 and boarded the T to meet Sam. It's funny how much I missed little things like the T.  I love public transportation and how easy it makes it to get around. Anyways, I met Sam at South Station.  I felt like there should have been like sentimental music or something.  We boarded the T and headed to Matt's.  By the time, we got to Matt's house, it was pretty late.  We were both tired, Sam was a little sick, and we wanted to get to bed, so we weren't up very late that night.

The next morning (my birthday), we woke up around nine.  I was really excited to go back to NHCS to see all of our students. Both Sam and I had emailed a few to let them know we were coming, but I think we both were starting to get a little nervous as well.  We got Dunkin Donuts (also something I missed) and walked to school.  The kids were in class, so we waited until the middle schoolers got out for lunch. I was really nervous then because I wasn't sure how they would react.  When they came down, one girl dropped her coat and ran to Sam to give her a hug. Some of them were really funny. Jahnelle hid behind a book, but was smiling and seemed excited.  She's pretty shy, so I didn't expect a huge to-do. Michael, though, was at a loss for words for once in his life.  It was cute and I could tell he was still excited.  Jadanies, of course, didn't come up to me, but she did take a picture with me when I asked, which is more than I could have asked for.

After middle school lunch, it was first and second grade recess.  I was so excited to see all of them because I knew their reactions would be so fun.  Sure enough, they were on the playground when I got out there. I walked out and they didn't really notice me, so I called one of them over and he did a double take.  Then all of a sudden, everyone realized I was there and there were a dozen second graders running towards me.  It made my day.  They were so excited to see me.  We took tons of pictures and I heard all about second grade.  I went inside and had lunch with them, which was fun because I got to talk to a lot of them.  Brandon Deleon, who is just a character, told me he dreams of me every night and Khaymare didn't want to let go of me.  I loved it.  I didn't want to leave.  We stayed through town meeting at the end of the day because I was savoring every moment.

We had a few hours to kill between the end of school and dinner, so Sam and I  grabbed a cup of coffee/hot chocolate and caught up.  It was really good to just be back with Sam.  She was my rock last year through everything.  Our hour long T rides at the end of the day were sometimes all I needed. We headed to dinner in Chinatown and met up with Megan, Pat and Pat's boyfriend Sam. I was so glad to be back with everyone.  It was the best. Dinner was really good.  We went to this Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant and I had a beef and broccoli concoction.  It was really good.   I love Chinese food, especially good Chinese food.

Luckily, Megan had driven so it didn't take long to get to the Blarney.  The best part about the Blarney Stone is that it's not downtown, so even on a Friday night, you can get a table, but it's still crowded enough that you feel like you are "out."  Margaret came and met us eventually, so it was basically like old times.

Saturday, we continued the tradition of McKenna's breakfast. McKenna's is the absolute BEST breakfast place in all of Boston.  It's worth the half hour wait and a long commute. It's the best.  The omelettes are to die for and the pancakes melt in your mouth. I love it. Sam wasn't feeling so great, so afterwards, we went and saw the Hobbit instead of spending the afternoon in the cold.  The Hobbit was really good! I'm not a huge Lord of the Rings fan, but this was awesome. It was really well written and the scenery was beautiful.  I haven't read the book in a while, but I heard it followed it really closely.  That night, Sam, Pat, Margaret and I hung out at Matt (my old room mate)'s house.  It was great to end the weekend reminiscing and just hanging out with everyone.

I really miss them. They are some of my best friends.  Never have I felt so comfortable and myself in a group of people. They always say that you only get one corps year.  I'm glad that I got the one I got.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Just like this weekend.

three of my favorite boys!

God bless these little guys

recess reunion!

such an old and refreshing soul

photoshoot outside of McKenna's

Look who I found!

This kid grew like a foot in the past six months!

The new City Year team. Thank you for taking care of the kids and school we care about so much. We are eternally grateful!

These boys found a special place in my heart last year. 

Best friends that have my heart and soul!

Pure joy!

Little angels <3

Best friends a girl could ask for <3

The weekend ended with birthday flowers from Mike! He's a keeper :)