Sunday, August 19, 2012

okay, blogging for reals

The laptop came Thursday and so now I can start blogging and keeping up for real.  I want to make sure to be as faithful and diligent about blogging as  I was last year, which is hard after a three month hiatus.  It takes about a half an hour to write each blog post (factor in a lot of distractions like facebook, twitter, almost anything), so it can be daunting after a long day.  That being said, I can't express how thankful I am that I did it last year.  I spent the week I was at home in Virginia reading my blog posts, crying because I missed my kids and my team, and reminiscing over the good and bad times.  I've never been good at keeping journals or diaries and my high school LiveJournal lasted about two weeks, but that week of reading and reminiscing made it all worth it.

Since my last blogpost, we've started in school.  The student's first day is tomorrow, but we've been at Jackson for the week setting up our room and going to a bunch of faculty meetings.Our City Year office is huge. Compared to the closet we had last year, it feels like we have more than enough room. We're going with a social media theme for our room/bulletin boards, so one is Twitter themed and the last is Pinterest. Should be good.  It's interesting being on the other side of being a corps member.  I am never sure if I'm overstepping my boundary or not, especially since I'm not a team leader.  I'm still trying to figure it out.

Two exciting things happened last week. One, we found out our teachers for the year. I'm going to be in a Social Studies room.  Since we're only in English classes and one social studies class, they had to pair us up. There weren't enough classes for each of us to have our own, so I'm going to be with Adrienne, the other project leader and my fourth room mate who's coming in a few weeks.  It's going to be a lot of time together and a lot of people in that one social studies class, but I'm excited. My teacher seems awesome.  It's his first year at Jackson, but he taught at another low performing school before, so he's dealt with a lot of the same issues that Jackson has.  The second thing was that the local news station came to Jackson to do a story on City Year! They filmed us trying to plan our room decorations and then they interviewed Jay.  It was a very exciting week.

Joe and I went to the beach yesterday, which was so nice. Now that we've done it once, I hope it becomes a regular thing. I need a tan! hahaha. It's been rainy all day today.  I went to Target and got a bedside table, but half way through assembly nothing seemed to stay together, so I'm giving up for today and I'll try again tomorrow. Let's hope it works. I really need a bedside table.  Basically anything besides cardboard boxes that will store all of my stuff.  Oh the joys of moving.....

Anyways, think of me tomorrow as I try and navigate the jungle of high school.  I'm sure I'll be just as nervous and excited as the students are tomorrow. I'm so excited to be back with students.  I miss my NHCS scholars though.....

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