Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Last Few Days

If you've been following along and made it this far, props to you.  It hasn't been consistent and it's probably been a little boring at times (just like our trip!), but it hopefully was interesting and the pictures were hopefully pretty! 

Our last few days weren't the most exciting or touristy.  The big highlight was stopping in Salt Lake City to see one of Mike's friends from high school. We also stopped in Boise, which is supposedly up and coming.  Unfortunately, we had spent all day driving and Finn was WIRED, so going out to dinner was a poor idea and we paid for it by having a child who refused to sit in a high chair.  Oh well.  I feel like I can't complain because he was such a good traveler for the majority of the trip.  Boise was cool though.  Such a good stop. 

One last Chick-fil-a (the closest one to us is at least a half hour away)

This was fun. 
We spent a lot of time in hotels and luckily one had a pool!! Finn and Mike went for a little dip :)

When we finally made it to Washington, we all let out a sigh of relief and I may or may not have cheered. Even though we still had a few hours to go, it was still pretty exciting.  Our GPS would say "welcome to (insert state)" every time we crossed a state border and this was definitely a well-received welcome!

Driving across country was an item on my bucket list and I didn't know if I'd actually ever be able to actually check it off. It was an incredible experience and it made me realize how beautiful our country is.  I also feel like I learned a ton about the people and the different cultures of our country (people in the south really are extremely friendly). There were definitely some things that got old (eating out, living hotels, the car), but at the same time, I feel like we could have spent an entire driving and stopping and still enjoyed the trip. It was such an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again when we move back to the East Coast (fingers crossed!!).

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