Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hanging with the Hogans: January 2018

In order to catch up on the blog, I figured I'd just do a little photo dump and catch you up on all of the little things we've been up to. 

 We started out the month with a visit to Burlington, VT to visit Poorna.  The plan was for Mike to go skiing, but the warmest day was 20 degrees and the coldest was -9 degrees, so the incentive was slim to none.  Instead, we spent lots of days like this....

Finn spent most of the day pulling the DVDs off of Poorna's shelf and teaching himself how to pull up on the TV stand.  He hasn't stopped since. 

Meanwhile, the adults did multiple runs to Trader Joe's and ate way too much junk food.  

On January 12th, Finn turned 39 weeks.  This meant that he had spent just as much time outside of me as in!!

We went to the basketball hall of fame in Massachussetts, where we measured Finn's wing span and tried to be as tall as Stephen Curry.  I think Curry has a few inches on them.

Finn graduated from the infant car seat to the big kid car seat.  He still hates the car, but every once in a while will realize how great it is to be able to look out the window.  

We bought a house (!!!) and celebrated the Eagles going to the Superbowl all in one night!

Finn started eating finger foods and they quickly became his favorites.  He definitely prefers it to the purees!

We battled and survived the stomach flu also known as Finn-bola.  We managed to infect five people from Mike's class, as well as spouses and friends. Somehow Mike managed to escape unscathed, but we are not ruling out the possibility that he is patient zero. 

Stomach flu 2018 survivors.
January was an eventful month around here.  After travelling for two weeks straight, we returned to Groton and really hunkered down.  It wasn't our strongest month as we (mainly poor Finny) have been battling illness after illness, but we've had a lot of great moments as well.  February is our last month here in Groton before our cross country move.  Hopefully our immune systems stay strong and we can truly enjoy our last few weeks in New England!

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