Thursday, December 21, 2017

Finnegan: Eight Months

Oh Finny!  What a guy! He fought off a nasty case of bronchitis, celebrated Thanksgiving, and met his buddies Emma and Hudson (and their parents) and decided that he was not a fan of cold weather all in one month! He is always on the move and his personality and opinions shine through every day. 

Eating: Finn loves solids! He finally realized that solid food is good and it has been so much fun.  I love all of the different combinations and Finn definitely has his favorites.  He is a big fan of anything carrot based, but enjoys anything with vegetables.  Fruits are still sometimes hit or miss, depending on his mood, but when he wants to eat fruit, he goes all in!  We gave him some mashed potatoes from our Thanksgiving leftovers and he couldn't eat enough!  He ate adult size portions each time we gave them to him and would have had more if we had let him!  We are still breast feeding and are still going strong (thanks Finn!) every three hours. If he has solid food, we can sometimes stretch it to four hours, but I try not to do more than that. When he goes to daycare, he's drinking 5oz of breast milk in a bottle.

Sleeping: We are still waking up in the middle of the night, but we are definitely getting better about sleep.   We wake up around 1:30am to eat and he is hungry! Usually, he is moving his mouth and ready to eat by the time I make it to his crib.  Then, he wakes up again around 5:00am to eat.  We have tried to get him to cry it out and fall back asleep, but I think he still needs that second feeding.

Noises: If you ask Mike, he will say that Finn called him "dada" this month.  If you ask me, I'll tell you he called Mike "dada," but he also called the hairbrush, the English muffin, and my shoe "dada," so it's really just babbling, but it's his first consonant sound and he says it frequently.  On top of that, he babbles and makes all sorts of other noises. 

Milestones: Finn's crawling has taken off and nothing is off limits. Luckily, the Christmas tree is kind of in a corner out of sight, but when he sees it, he wants nothing else. The other big milestone is that he is timidly sitting up! If you put him in a sitting position, he can usually sit there unassisted for a significant period of time.  I still don't feel comfortable leaving him because he sometimes topples over if he reaches too far for something, but he enjoys being upright and looking around, so hopefully he will only get stronger.  He also graduated out of the infant car seat into the big car seat, which was sad for me (I remember when he was almost too small for the infant car seat!!), but I think he likes it more because he can see.


Likes and Dislikes: He loves being able to move around and be near us, which is endearing most of the time (unless you are trying to make dinner or go to the bathroom). Solid food is usually a hit and riding in the car is tolerable, as long as it isn't for a long period of time.  He discovered that he doesn't like the cold and made that very well known when we were in Philadelphia.  He tolerated Santa, which was more than I expected, but wasn't quite sure why there was this big fluffy thing on his face.  Thankfully, he didn't try and grab it.

Nicknames:  Finn, Finny, Bud, Buddy, Buddy Bear, Big Guy, 

Clothing: 9 month clothes, but it is time to graduate to 12 month onesies and shirts.  The 9-12 month pants are a little long, but they fit in the waist and legs, especially with cotton pants. 

Diaper size: solid three

Weight: He fluctuated between 18lb and 18.5lbs because he was sick and had a decrease in appetite. Poor guy. He also is crawling a ton, so I think that has led to a little bit of weight loss, as well.

Height: 27.5 inches

Travel: Chicago and Philadelphia (although he really spent the weekend in the hotel)

God knew that mammas needed extra snuggles when their babies are sick.

Meeting his buddy Emma

Despite the distraction known as Emma, Finn loved meeting his Auntie Anna

My smiley guy!
 Oh Finny, sometimes I get giddy thinking about how much I love you.  You are constantly on the move when you're awake and I am always surprised at what you find. You inspire me not only to clean my floors better, but to also be amazed at the simple things in life, like how a door stop bounces back and forth or how a dog's fur feels. You make me happier than anything I've ever experienced and I love you for it.  Keep smiling, big guy!

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