Monday, November 20, 2017

Greetings from Bedrock: Halloween 2017

Here we are almost at Thanksgiving and I'm posting about Halloween.  I guess that's life, am I right>?Yabba Dabba Doo was the theme for this year's Halloween and I can't think of a more fun family costume than the Flintstones.  We joined forces with Matt, Katy and Adaline so that we could cover all of the main characters and since Finn and Addie made the perfect Bam Bam and Pebbles, we assumed the roles of Betty and Barney, while Matt and Katy were Fred and Wilma.

I had heard that our neighborhood was the place to be for trick or treating, so everyone came over to our house for dinner and some trick or treating.  We also had one of Mike's classmates, her husband (who is also a submariner) and their 11 month old who went with a Star Wars theme.  The baby made the cutest R2D2 I've ever seen!

Dinner was a little chaotic with everyone trying to get ready, a toddler who was "all done" with Halloween the minute she walked in the door, and nonstop trick or treaters.  I now understand why people do pizza or chili since they are so easy. I think we'll be doing something along those lines in future years, especially once Finn starts to really get into trick or treating.  This year, our main goal was to go to at least one house and put our costumes to use.  We doubled our success rate and made it to two houses, so we were more than satisfied. 

Yabba Dabba Dooooooooo!!

Note to future Halloween costume seekers, I highly recommend this because all of the costumes were so comfortable and easy to make homemade. 

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