Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Day in the Life

I've seen these posts on other blogs and always enjoy getting a look into the everyday life of other people.  Plus, I'm always curious as to what people who don't work do all day and now I know! There's always stuff to get done around the house and I'm always surprised at how I can fill my day. So, without further ado, here is a day in the life of the Hogans!

Last night, Finn woke up at 11:00pm and then again at 4:00am to feed.  This seems to be pretty normal.  Sometimes he will sleep a little bit longer at the front end, not waking up until 1:00am or so, but he generally wakes up twice in the night to feed.

6:00am Mike's alarm goes off and he jumps in the shower and gets ready for the day.
6:35 Finn wakes up , Mike gets him out of his crib and brings him downstairs to hang out while Mike drinks his coffee and finishes getting ready for the day. I generally wake up too, but I don't head downstairs for another few minutes.
6:50 I wake up and head downstairs

7:05 Mike leaves
7:15 I get Finn dressed because of a minor diaper leak. Generally, we stay in our pajamas longer, but today that was a no go. Since we were already upstairs, we hung out in his room until it was time to eat. He loves to look out the window.
7:30-7:45 Finn eats and falls asleep. I don't like for him to fall asleep while feeding because I think that's a dangerous habit to create, but this happens about 50% of the time with this first morning feeding. While Finn is feeding, I empty the dishwasher and look up the Wonder Weeks chart. I realize we are approaching a "leap," which explains the fussiness of yesterday, so I check my bank account to see how many bottles of wine we can afford. I also research Finn's baptism, which is just getting more and more complicated.

A beautiful sight.

I see you looking at me!

8:25 Finn wakes up
8:28 Finn spits up on me as I get him out of crib
8:29 Finn spits up on himself as I'm cleaning myself up
8:30 we snuggle and I forgive him for spitting up on me.
8:40- 9:25 I fold laundry with lots of help from Finn, we spend some time looking at the baby in the mirror, we change another diaper and then I decide it's time to go for a walk.

Since we still don't have our furniture, our clothes have just been in piles on the floor.  This is somewhat organized, even though it looks like just a bunch of clothes on the floor.

My little helper!

Finn's best friend, the baby in the mirror and his mom!  Funny how similar they are to us!

No kids allowed on school grounds.  Ironic....

My view of our walk
9:25-10:05 Go for walk around our neighborhood and stop at the playground to go on the bucket swings, which are always a big hit with Finny!
10:05 Feeding time for Finn. Since he fell asleep before the first feeding, the time works out that he's tired when he feeds again and, subsequently, falls asleep while feeding again.
10:20 I transfer Finn to his crib and quickly workout and shower while he's napping.
11:05 I hear him starting to cry as soon as I get out of the shower, so I get dressed and grab him out of his crib. We head downstairs so that I can make and eat lunch. Finn hangs out on his playmat and in the Bumbo seat because he doesn't seem to want to be very far from me (it's endearing until it prevents me from eating my lunch....). While we're making and eating lunch, we get a get phone call from Mike, who is also on his lunch break.
12:10 I change Finn's diaper and we read a few books in his room.
12:45 I put Finn down for nap. It takes him about 10 minutes to stop crying and fall asleep, which is a little longer than normal for nap time, but he eventually falls asleep.
1:35-1:50 Finn wakes up and eats
2:20-3:30 We drop off Mike's uniforms to be dry cleaned and go to Target to return some things.
3:30 Arrive home to a poopy diaper explosion. It was bound to happen since we left the house. Never a better time! At least this time didn't require a bath to get him clean! :)
I let Finn play downstairs while I eat a snack
4:05 put Finn to sleep  
4:30 Mike comes home. We chat about our days.
4:43 Finn wakes up. Mike gets him. I feed him
5:00-6:00 run to grocery store for onion....get onion, blueberries and Reese's (this is why I try not to go more than once a week!). Cook dinner
6:00 Mike and I eat dinner while Finn hangs out in his high chair with some toys.

Peppers, potatoes, kielbasa and onions! Yuuuummmm!!
6:20 Finn gets fussy, so Mike takes Finn upstairs to get pajamas on and read a story. He ends up being so fussy, we skip the story and I feed him.
6:30 I wanted to feed Finn before bed because it had been an hour and a half and I wanted to make sure he wasn't going to wake up in an hour and want to eat. Plus, he felt a little warm and seemed really fussy, so I figured it would help calm him down.
6:45 I finish feeding and put Finn to bed while Mike cleans up the kitchen
7:00-8:00 clean up kitchen/hang out
8:00-8:30 Mike works out and I work on this blogpost.
8:10 Deebot goes (bonus points to the person who can figure out why Mike chose 8:10)
8:35-9:10 Finn wakes up and is crying. Mike and I go up at ten minute intervals to try and calm him.
9:10 Finn finally falls asleep
9:15-9:25 I pump
9:25 Peruse the internet/watch Parks and Rec/hang out
10:10 We head upstairs to bed to read and watch tv for a bit before falling asleep

That's a pretty normal day around here for now. On Mondays and Fridays, Finn and I go to a story time at the library or with some of the other moms. We usually see our friends Katy and her daughter Addie for some reason or another. And last but not least, usually Finn doesn't wake up until about 1am. Neither of us are sure why he woke up at 8:30pm, but he slept well after that little episode. Other than that, it was a pretty average day. It's amazing how much time everything takes when you have a 5 month old sidekick! It's also amazing how much fun you can have with someone who doesn't talk. That being said, we both get veryyyyyy excited when we see Mike walking up the sidewalk at the end of the day.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into a day in the life of the Hogans!

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