Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finnegan: Two Months

Happy two months Finn! The second month went by as fast as the first.  We had a ton of fun the second month, as Finn woke up and gave us lots of smiles.  Mike and I feel like we've (kind of) got this little guy figured out and are loving watching Finn grow and embrace the world around him. 

Eating:  Breast feeding is still going great.  He's a great eater and 90% of the time latches on immediately and I have to pry him off.  Occasionally, he'll be a little finicky and be squirmy and not latch on, but it's random and doesn't seem to have any lasting effect on his eating habits. I have no idea what causes it, but I'm not too concerned.   We also introduced the bottle this month and, just like breast feeding, had no issues! I celebrated by leaving him with Mike and getting a manicure and pedicure.  I'm almost hesitant to post this second part, but both Mike and I agree that in the past few days, Finn seems to have turned a corner on how long he can go in between feedings! HALLELUJAH!  We can usually get a few three hour stretches throughout the night and then maybe one or two throughout the day.  The other times, we're averaging over two hours, which makes this mamma VERY happy.  Fingers crossed this keeps up.

Sleeping:  Last month, I was dreaming of four consecutive hours of sleep and I got it...once.  My parents have the magic touch and Finn slept for four hours in my dad's arms while I slept soundly in my bed.  We've yet to get that luxury again (Mom and Dad, want to come back?), but I would say we're getting longer stretches.  It's not uncommon for Finn to sleep for three hours after the 10:00 feeding and then usually again after the next feeding.  On average, we're waking up three times between 10:00pm and 8:00am.  Finn usually wakes up around 5:30am or so with the sun and Mike will bring him into bed with us for a few more hours of sleep. We also transitioned him to the crib and out of the bassinet this month.  It's a little earlier than most babies (I think), but we needed him to be able to sleep in a pack n play when we travel, so we had to transition him a little bit earlier.  We've had a night here and there where he wakes himself up every time he stretches out, but overall has gone pretty well. 

Noises: Still a grunty little guy, but not quite as bad. Or maybe I've just gotten used to it.   Overall, though, he's just a loud guy.  When he's sleeping, he kind of snores and when he's awake, he's making all sorts of noises.  We think he's trying to laugh because every so often, we'll get a smile and a little shriek.  Both Mike and I are anxiously awaiting the first laugh.  

Milestones: Such a fun month! The biggest milestone I can think of is smiling and boy do we love it.  Finn is a smiley little baby in the morning and loves to flash his gums at both Mike and I. He's also started making some shrieking noises that we think are him trying to laugh. Hopefully that will come next month.  The other big milestone we've noticed is better control of his hands.  It's still very jerky, but he has definitely figured out that they can do things.  He is constantly working on getting his hands in his mouth with about a 50% success rate.  When they do make it into his mouth, he will suck on them like they're covered in chocolate! When we put the wubanub (pacifier) in his mouth, he will often put his hands on the stuffed animal.  At first, we thought this was just a coincidence, but it's happened frequently enough for us to think he's trying to keep the wubanub in.  Last, maybe the most exciting milestone is that Finn is officially an American citizen!  He received his passport and the paperwork to get a Social Security number has been filed.  See you in August, America!

The cutest passport photo ever!
That smile will get him anything he wants

Likes and Dislikes: He still loves his swing and his playmat and we miss them both dearly now that we're traveling.  He also still loves his wubanubs and pacifiers, but now that he's figuring out his hands, I definitely think he prefers them.  I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being a thumb sucker once he has better fine motor skills. He still loves riding in his stroller, but the car seat is a struggle. He will entertain it for a little while, but if he falls asleep and wakes up while strapped in, watch out! He also won't fall asleep in the car, so he'll usually scream instead of sleep.  It's not fun.  The only real way to calm him down is to either bottle feed him or to take him out.  We've got LOTS of driving this month since we're traveling, so let's hope this gets better.   He also has learned to embrace the bath this month, which has been so nice.  We can see him calm down and relax when in the warm water, but (like everyone else in the world), doesn't enjoy getting out. I don't blame him!

We're mean parents and make him wear his seat belt when riding in the car. 
Travel: We got back on our travel game this month and have generally been impressed with how Finn has handled it. He doesn't like the car seat after a while, but otherwise has been great.  He aced his first flight and slept the entire time, even on the take off and landing. He has checked off three new countries (Denmark, Montenegro and Albania) off his list and will check off a few more next month. Travel is definitely different with such a little guy in some ways, but in other ways has remained the same.

Ready for his first big trip!

Nicknames: Finn, Finny, Grunty, Sweetheart, Buddy, Big Guy

Clothing Size:  We packed up the newborn clothes (I think I was the only one who was sad about this) and are completely in the 0-3 month clothes.  I haven't tried any of the 3-6 month stuff, but I'm guessing it would probably fit, even if they are a little big. 

Diaper Size: Size ones still fit but are looking a little small.  Size twos fit, but we've had a few blowouts that lead me to believe they might be a smidge too big. 

Height: Not sure, but I can definitely tell he's gotten taller.  I'm guessing about 22-23 inches.

Weight: My very scientific and accurate strategy of weighing myself holding him and then without him tells me that he's weighing 12lbs!  Such a big guy!

Month two was so much fun! My parents and my cousin JP came to visit, we went on our first trips with Finn, and we've started seeing our little guy phase out of the sleepy newborn phase and into the infant stage of life.  I went back to the OBGYN and got the okay to start working out again, which I'm surprisingly grateful for.  It feels good to sweat and get my heart rate up, but man, am I out of shape!

Month three is going to be VERY busy! Finn will get a more stamps in his passport and he'll have to help us start packing up our stuff for the big move back to the United States. Hopefully we'll sleep a little bit more and eat a little bit less, but regardless of how it goes, I'm sure Finn will still have Mike and I wrapped around his finger!

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