Friday, April 7, 2017

37 Weeks

Alright, little guy, you can come whenever you want. After a weekend of walking around, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, and getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather, I'm officially exhausted and uncomfortable. Mike's sister, Kelly, was here this past weekend and the weather has been GORGEOUS (we're talking sunny and 70s....all the praise hands!), so we've been out and about trying to embrace such a nice weekend. While this has been absolutely wonderful and so much fun, I'm exhausted and ready to have my body back.  The rest of the week was chilly and overcast and since Kelly left, it's been a good excuse to hang around the house, get some last minute things done, and just recover from a busy weekend.  Luckily, a few days of rest and relaxation had me feeling much better, but it was a good example of how my stamina has changed (drastically).


I was telling my mom that walking is exhausting and standing or sitting is uncomfortable, so that leaves lying down, but even that isn't great for more than a few minutes. So, we just have to keep moving, which is exhausting.  My fingers aren't swollen, but I think my ankles are a little bit because my socks are feeling a little bit tighter.  I also notice that when I'm lying on my right side, my hip really hurts, which is probably due to the fact that Maximus is so low and head down.  Hip flexor stretches always feel really great, but haven't provided much long term comfort.  One great thing I've noticed is that my skin is looking and feeling great.  Sometimes in the winter, it feels pretty dry, but all of those hormones have definitely led to extra soft skin.  I guess it's that pregnancy glow!

Emotionally, the physical discomfort is making me impatient and ready to meet our little man! I haven't had any extreme nesting tendencies, but I feel like all I want to do is be at home hanging out with Mike and enjoying these last few days as a family of two. I also notice that my emotions are a little more extreme, so my normal happy and laid back demeanor has been met with a few moments of emotional meltdown when I haven't felt great or have felt overwhelmed.  I found myself crying for no reason and then laughing at myself for not being able to stop cry the other night.  I'm pretty sure Mike thought I had lost my mind.

Looking Forward to

Obviously meeting our little guy, but that should be assumed :)  Other than that, I'm looking forward to having my body back.  I really haven't had any complaints about my growing size, but after this weekend and not being able to sit on a bar stool and just being uncomfortable, I'm looking forward to being able to return to basic activities that are now just uncomfortable.  I know it won't be immediate, but it's something I will be happy to have return. I'm also looking forward to watching Mike as a dad.  We've been talking a lot about what we imagine life will be like once Maximus gets here and it's always fun to hear what Mike wants to do.  Currently, he's planning a Bro-ad trip once he's bigger.  No girls allowed (ie me).  I feel like I'm always talking and dreaming about our life with a baby and it's so much fun when Mike chimes in.


No food aversions and only the normal cravings of peanut butter and sweets.  We included dried dates, flax seeds and raspberry leaf tea in our weekly grocery order because they're supposed to help or induce labor. Can you tell we're ready for our guy to come?

Baby Purchases

No purchases, but I put the swing together and Mike put the car seat in the car! We are all ready to go!

Doctor Update

I'm going to the doctor weekly now. The doctor said everything looked great and baby boy was healthy, but there were no signs that he would be making his appearance any time soon. He's going on vacation with his family for the next two weeks (his children have spring break) and has another doctor coming to cover while he's gone, so he said he hoped he didn't see me until my post-partum appointment six weeks out, but that if I was still pregnant when he got back, I would see him for my weekly appointment.  We both laughed and said I'll see you in six weeks when I left.  Inshallah.

Weight Gain

25 pounds

Maximus' (estimated) weight

3.1 kg which is about 6.8 pounds.  I was hoping he was going to be on the smaller side, but it's looking like he might be a little bit of a chunkier newborn.  If he doesn't make his appearance soon, Mike will get his wish and get to tell everyone that our baby is YUUUUUUUGE (said in the Donald Trump voice). Let's all hope for my sake that's not true.

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