Sunday, February 19, 2017

This Week I'm....

Mike is back country skiing in Kyrgystan with one of the Olmsted scholars based in China.  As disappointed as I am that he'll be getting a pin on our world map, spending my days hanging out in the yurt while they back country ski didn't sound as appealing as hanging out in the comfort of my own home. Luckily, I'm pretty okay with just hanging out by myself (although it's times like these where I really miss having friends in the same city) and have a long list of things I need and want to do.

So, without further ado, this week I'm...

reading The Color Purple.  I'm having a hard time getting into it, but really want to persevere.  It's also given me weird dreams at night, so I've had to make sure I'm not reading it before bed.

listening to the Popcast with Knox and Jamie! I love it and have recommended it to so many people! If you like pop culture, this is the podcast for you. I just listened to their 2017 predictions and they already got one right (Beyonce being pregnant, although I don't think anyone would have predicted twins). I've also been listening to Pod Save America, which is one of the many political podcasts out there.  The hosts are definitely liberal, but they have guests from both sides of the aisle.

doing all the yoga.  Anything that stretches out my lower back because it is tight.  I could sit in child's pose all day because it feels so good.

eating/drinking smoothies.  I had a craving for one the other day and have started making them for breakfast almost every day.

watching so many things!

  • the pro bowl's kiss cam  this brought me to tears! The Orlando nightclub survivor! The two men! The friends! So much love!
  • New Girl.  I watched the first two seasons on Netflix a while ago, but now they've added seasons 3 and 4 and I forgot how good the show is.  It's so easy and lighthearted, it's easy to watch a few episodes.
  • All the Oscars movies! Mike and I saw Arrival this past week for Valentine's Day and it was better than expected.  I also went to see Jackie yesterday and really think Natalie Portman should get Best Actress.  I'm trying to figure out a time to go see Hidden Figures this week as well. Here is where you can access a lot of the different nominations. 
researching cars! We're going to need a second car when we get back to the United States.  So, the thought is that we'll drive the Golf until it's end (hopefully a few more years) and our other car will be an SUV/Mom car.  Since we'll be in Connecticut for at least one winter, we'd like something that's good to drive in the snow, but can also accommodate a baby and all of the gear that comes with him.   Suggestions?


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In honor of National Drink Wine Day yesterday, I posted this picture on Instagram! Nine weeks (give or take) and counting....

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