Monday, July 18, 2016

The Castle of Malbork

We bid farewell to the Hollars and their gang of little boys and headed south to Malbork, where there is a historic castle.  I don't know about you, but I don't really think of castles when I think of Poland.  I was wrong because there is a castle in Poland and it is huge!!  It's also in great shape, considering that it seems like the rest of Poland didn't survive WWII.

When we purchased our tickets, we were given audio guides as well. This was great because it provided a ton of information.  If you were a Polish history buff, you could have spent the entire day there.  We only lasted a few hours, but it was pretty cool, both inside and out. 

love these ceilings!

After a few hours at the castle, we were ready to head on to our next town, but not before we stopped for lunch at a tent outside of the castle.  Since Poland is so close to Germany in proximity, it didn't surprise us that our choices were various types of pork with sides of potatoes.  I got a shish kabob with pork and Mike got a bratwurst and we split a side of potatoes.  My vegetable loving self was missing the side salad that it enjoys, but I just figure I'm getting warmed up for life in Germany :)

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