Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nancy, France

It's funny.  Mike and I lived in Turkey for ten months and really struggled to make friends.  It was probably the hardest part about living there.  I've "lived" here for less than a week and have made some great friends in the other family who was kicked out of Turkey like I was.  There's nothing like an evacuation to bring people together! Ha!

After spending a few days on base, the other family asked if I wanted to join them on a day trip to Nancy, France, which is just on the other side of the border.  Obviously, I was going to accept the offer!!  I had never even heard of Nancy, but I was anxious to get off of base and do a little exploring. 

We arrived around 10:00 (it's about a 2 hour drive from Ramstein) and just started wandering.  The little research I did on Nancy showed that there wasn't a ton to do, but that it was a very French town.  We had to stop at a bike shop to get a flat tire for the stroller filled, but it was a great excuse to wander.  We stumbled upon Place Stanislas, which is the main square.  The entire town felt very French and I loved it!

Outside of the square was a beautiful park.  There was a section with a playground, so we let the kids play for a little while and burn some energy before we found a restaurant for lunch. Even though it was an Italian restaurant, we enjoyed glasses of French wine to go with our Italian meal.  After lunch, we wandered around a little bit more, hoping to find a tasting room for champagne (Nancy is in the champagne region of France), but had no such luck.  Instead, we just decided to grab one last drink before heading home.

Nancy wasn't the most exciting town, but it was a fun day with great company.  I was glad to get off of the base and explore a little bit.  Karen comes tomorrow and we'll have lots of exploration days ahead of us, which makes me even more excited!

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