Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A rainy Day in Venice

Our last day in Venice was up in the air with plans. We originally thought we might do a day trip to one of the surrounding islands or to a nearby city, but we really wanted to go to the Peggy Guggenheim museum, which we hadn't made it to and didn't open until ten. We finally decided on going to the museum, but knew that probably eliminated almost any other sort of day trip. Instead, we chose to spend the (rainy) day wandering around Venice. There are much worse things in life, amiright?

Anyways, we started the morning out at the museum, which is incredible. I really like Modern Art, which I know a lot of people aren't a fan of, but Peggy Guggenheim definitely was and I thought the museum was awesome. There are tons of different paintings and works of art from a lot of extremely famous artists, such as Picasso! It was so cool. I think it was also a nice change of pace from the art we had been seeing in the multiple churches we had been in and out of, so it was even a little more eye catching.

We had heard about a naval history museum, so we made our way there, but unfortunately, it was closed for restoration. By this point, though, we were both hungry and it was time for lunch. We made the mistake of stopping at one of the restaurants along the water, which was obviously a huge tourist trap, but we were both glad to get something to eat and out of the rain. The food wasn't too bad and the service was terrible, but it just wasn't anything special. I got muscles and a bean soup and the muscles were delicious, but the bean soup wasn't anything more than glorified refried beans. Mike got a spaghetti, which was basically drenched in olive oil and had a few pepper flakes on it. It was kind of disappointing since it was our last day in Italy, but we had been eating good pasta and pizza for the last week that neither of us could complain.

The Naval History Museum

Walking through Venice


Glorified refried beans...aka soup.  

Once we were done with lunch, we had the afternoon ahead of us. Neither of us were really interested in going to another island in the rain, so we decided to spend the afternoon wandering the streets of Venice drinking wine and eating gelato and it was incredible. We found a few little wine bars to step into out of the rain and they were more than happy to serve us a glass. It was the perfect last day in Venice, despite the cold and rainy weather.

I look super cold in this picture and I think I was.  It was drizzling and chilly all day and I definitely wasn't prepared

FIRST EDITION HARRY POTTER!! Don't mind me while I freak out a little!

These guys joined us for a drink at the bar.  Can I take them back to Turkey with me?

I mean, look at him!!!

We didn't find any Russo signs, but of course, we found a Hogan sign!

Scout's true calling

Mike had found a restaurant near our hotel that he wanted to try, but they didn't open until seven. We went for an apertivo and glass of wine (we really embraced that part of Italian culture) before heading to dinner. We split a bottle of wine and enjoyed one last Italian meal before heading back to the hotel to pack and get ready to leave.

I loved Venice and am so glad we made that stop on our trip. It's as romantic, beautiful and fun as everyone says it is and is definitely a gem. I thought that going in the winter was perfect because, even though it was Carnivale week, it wasn't crowded and was still equally as beautiful. I'm definitely adding Venice to my favorites list, although it's getting quite long….

Step Count: 11,575

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