Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Hello Sarah's blog, I'm here to write a post about my wonderful wife in honor of her birthday. Now I've never blogged before so if I do any faux-pas, or break blogger etiquette, I apologize.
Can't you see the love in her eyes?
Sarah and I have been married for a little over a year now, and we have shared a lot of new and interesting (not always in a good way) experiences. Somehow I convinced her to move to Turkey with me and she has been a great partner through all the trials and tribulations of living in a new country. She puts up with me venting my frustration at Turkish drivers (I recently discussed a law that allows me to bulldoze all cars that double park on the road) and can always calm me down when I pick the slowest security/customs line at the airport.
They kept shooting us with water guns
Additionally, we were lucky to become the godparents of Baby Emma this year. We like to spend our free time watching her flail around on Skype. She's pretty adorable. Her and Sarah share a love of sleeping.

She's Sarah's spirit animal
Same with all the Turkish dogs.

Sarah was mad he took the best spot

Sometimes, she keeps me from making "frivolous" purchases.

Yes, this is a Turkish carpet
This year, we've started to conquer the world, going a lot of new places.

I was actually Turkey during this game

And drank a fair amount of wine where ever we go. Turkish wine is not too shabby.
This is overflowing now.

Since we got married, we have been to San Diego, all over Turkey, all over Eastern Germany, Prague, Greece, Sicily, Strasbourg, and Basel together, and, frankly, there is no one I would rather be sharing this adventure with.

She photobombed my Ottoman-mirror selfie
Happy Birthday Sarah!

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