Friday, May 24, 2013

meet the girls

I realized the other day that since this blog is private (you have to have the link to view it), I can upload pictures of the kiddos to it! I'm bummed I haven't been doing that all year, but oh well.  Meet the lovely ladies that I've been working with all year!

Amari decided to one day just take my phone and have a photo shoot....

Then Kayla joined in

and then they wanted me in there

I was trying to take a picture of this group during lunch but Artevious wasn't having it.

Then she got us all laughing

Artevious went from being camera shy to being the center of attention...

Erika and Kayla have won a huge part of my heart this year

Erika makes coming to school every day worth it

One of the coolest, most inspiring young ladies I've ever met

and this wild diva has me laughing every day.  Pure joy.

This is my life.  These girls keep me coming back for more every day.  I'm going to miss their crazy, sassy selves so much next year.