Sunday, April 21, 2013

lots of excitement!

This was supposed to be published about a month ago.......

I feel like since last Friday night, one thing after another has happened, making this entire week a whirlwind. We weren't even in school this week, but it's literally been the craziest week ever.

On Friday, we got home from work and were just hanging out downstairs.  I had my laptop and we were all just hanging out.  It seemed like it was going to be a relatively calm night.  All of sudden, I received an email from Boston University's Office of Admissions saying,

"Greetings Sarah,

Congratulations! We put your acceptance package in the mail today and we want to offer you an unofficial welcome to the Master of Education in Elementary Education at Boston University School of Education." 

At first, I had no idea what was going on. I had been told that I would receive a letter in the mail stating my admissions decision.  Since nothing came in the mail, I was really confused for a second until it hit me. Then, it was sheer excitement! It's not my first choice, but it 's just nice to know that I've been accepted somewhere and have a plan for next year. 

Then, this week, we were in the office since the kids were on Spring Break. Monday and Tuesday were pretty relaxing.  We watched documentaries such as 'Waiting for Superman' (which I have and highly recommend) and did diversity activities such as Cross the Line.  Then on Wednesday, we had our team day which is basically a day of fun.  No uniforms, no office, nothing.  The only requirement is you have to hang out with each other for eight hours.  My team went to the town center and did a little shopping before coming back to our house to make tacos and have a spontaneous photo shoot.   It was really laid back, but it was a ton of fun. 

On Thursday, we had a service project at the library and then were done around 1:30.  Joe and I were leaving the office and we saw another corps member, Monique, with a random dog.  Apparently, it was just wandering around downtown and Monique was trying to figure out what to do with it since it was obviously lost.  Well, somewhere in the shuffle, Monique left and Joe and I were left with this dog.  It didn't have a collar or anything, but was really friendly and super lovable.  I mean, it just followed me around and everything.  Joe brought my car around, but it didn't want to get in at all. Joe finally had to lift the dog into my car because it was so scared.  We called Animal Control, but they don't accept dogs after noon (why not?  who knows!) so we ended up bringing him home for the night! We think he may have belonged to a homeless person (there are lots that hang around downtown) because he didn't know how to walk up/down stairs, eat food out of a bowl and seemed really weirded out by being inside.  He also did not like to be left alone.  The next morning, he was downstairs by himself and literally started howling until  I came downstairs.  Unfortunately, we had to take him to Animal Control since we're not allowed to have dogs in our house.  He was such a great dog though and with a little house training, he'll make a great pet for someone!

Last night, Christina, who is married to the best man in Anna's wedding, texted me asking if  I wanted to come over for dinner since they're moving to Hawaii in a few weeks and this would be our last chance to hang out.  They had invited one of Christina's good friends from high school and his girlfriend over, too, and it was a lot of fun.   Christina and Shawn had just gotten married over Saint Patrick's Day weekend. The wedding sounds like a blast and it sounds like their life is crazy right now with the honeymoon, wedding and moving all in one.    It was really fun hanging out with them.  I was there for like five hours and it was a ton of fun. 

Last but not least, Mom, Dad and Ben come today for the week, so I'll be with them through Monday and then maybe sporadically throughout the week.  So nice to have them here!  I think we're going to Universal on Monday, since I took the day off.  I don't know what else they're going to do during the week, but I'm sure they'll love the warm weather. 

Anyways, that was my very exciting and eventful week.  Happy Easter!