Monday, February 4, 2013

students are funny.

Just a little post to brighten up your Monday.  Here's what my students were doing and saying today.

I pulled one of my focus list students out to work on her reading and classwork.  She asked if another student could join us and I said yes.  The one student, Anna, who I normally pull out, felt like she needed to catch Maddie up on everything we had ever talked about in our interventions.  Well, everything besides school work.  She filled her in on where I'm from, how many brothers I have, where I went to school, Mike, etc.  When she got to Mike, she paused looked at me and said,

"You tell him that I said to be nice to you.  He needs to treat your right because you deserve that. He can't break your heart because you don't need that."

I was dying of laughter. Mike, make sure to listen to her. She's not one to mess with.  She's got quite the attitude.

Then, after that, I was in another class with a student named Tony. Students were picking famous African Americans to do a Black History Month project on. Tony wanted to do 2 Chainz. I said no so he settled on Lil' Wayne. 

This is my life.