Sunday, November 18, 2012

life size jenga!

This week, senior corps and staff were at a facilitation training on Tuesday and Thursday, so I was only in class on Wednesday.  It was definitely an easy week, which I appreciated.   I'm excited to take everything that we learned back to the classroom and to the corps for Friday trainings, though.  There were a ton of great techniques that they showed us.

Anyways, yesterday, the room mates, Jacqui and I went to a brewery that was having a two year anniversary party.  I'm not a beer drinker, but even I found a beer that I liked.  The best part of it all, though, were the games they had.  There was corn hole, foose ball, and best of all, life size jenga.  We played one game of jenga that lasted over an hour and, by the end, was taller than Adrienne and I.  Unfortunately, it was my block that made the tower crumble.

I'm  super excited for Thanksgiving and to go home. I am leaving on Wednesday after a short day at work and I couldn't be more excited! I'm ready to be home with my family.  I. Can't. Wait!

The tower is as tall as we are!

So happy the tower survived my block removal (that time!).

hahahahah joe!

Quinci hard at work.

My emotion every time a block was removed.

Tower down.

slowly but surely

The room mates supporting Quinci