Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day weekend

I'm lying in my bed waiting to Skype with one of my friends and realizing how relaxing this weekend was.  The end of last week was good and I'm beginning to realize how much I like Fridays at the office.  It's a nice change of pace from the classroom where the kids are less than thrilled to have ANOTHER teacher in the room, plus we get a late start and things are more structured, yet laid back.

Friday, we went to Old Navy as a corps because our uniform pants are coming from there this year!! Wahooo!! Last year, the pants fit horribly, so we were allowed to wear our own khakis.  This year, that's not even necessary. They actually look somewhat normal on us.  It's great. Starting tomorrow, the entire corps will be uniformed out and looking sharp. Unfortunately, senior corps' uniforms didn't come (except for the boots), so we have to wait, but we all have ours from last year, so it works out.

Anyways, after work on Friday, staff and senior corps heading out to our favorite local bar, The Pearl, which was having it's last weekend open celebration. It's within walking distance of our house and pretty cool. They even had karaoke, which I definitely did not participate in, but was still a lot of fun to watch.   It's really sad that it's closing now.  I wonder if something as cool is coming to fill it's spot. Let's hope so!

Saturday was nothing too exciting. I wasn't feeling good and had a pretty sore throat that I think was from just being exhausted, both physically and mentally.  Luckily, doing a lot of nothing on Saturday cured it all and I was ready and able to spend all of Sunday afternoon at the beach, which is exactly what Joe and I did.  We tried out a new beach, but ended up having to pay for parking and feeling like intruders on a church cookout, so we didn't stay long.  Today, I went back to our old beach by myself (Joe was playing golf) and spent a good six hours there.  It was perfect. The water was warm, but not too warm, the sun was hot, but not too hot and the afternoon seemed to last forever.  The only reason I left was because of a big rain cloud that was settling in (and opened up about an hour after I left!).

I've realized that I love going to the beach. I mean, I always knew that I liked it, but I could go every day if I had the time.  I never realized that some people (like my room mate Quinci), don't like the beach.  It baffles me. It's so relaxing and calming.  If you have a towel, music and a good book, you're all set. I hope that I have at least a couple more weekends of beach going here in Jax. Next weekend, I'll be at the motherland of all beaches in Hawaii with Mike and I can't wait.  I feel like after next weekend, these little Jacksonville beaches are going to seem like nothing.  Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

Anyways, time for bed to rest up for a short week of work and then a very exciting vacation!!  Good luck to all of my friends who are starting school tomorrow as students AND teachers! I know you're going to rock this year!

"There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them." -Swedish Proverb
SO TRUE!! Hence the reason I moved to Boston last year, moved to Jacksonville and am going to Hawaii. If you wait, someday will never come. YOLO/Carpe Diem

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