Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CY Academy

So, I'm borrowing a computer for the day so I can do work, but I figured I would spend my lunch break updating my blog while I have a computer.

I spent the last week in Boston at City Year's Summer Academy.  I can't explain to you how great it was to be back in Boston. I almost started crying on the T when we passed Back Bay.  It had been a rough week in Jacksonville, not really able to go anywhere or do anything. Thank goodness for Anna.

Anyways, I was beyond elated to be back in Boston, even if it was only temporary. We stayed at Northeastern for the week and had endless amounts of trainings on literacy, math and leadership.  Some of the trainings were a little repetitive, but most were helpful.  I was chosen to represent Jacksonville in the opening ceremony.  I, along with one person from every other site, gave a statement about why we serve, in front of all 1000 summer academy attendees.  It was a cool experience. Almost every morning started out with a speaker, such as Michael Brown (CEO) or Jim Balfanz (President) gave presentations on the long-term impact goals or the state of City Year, which were really inspiring.  They were also hilarious.  Definitely great motivators to get through long days of trainings.

Academy itself was great.  The trainings were put together and professional.  The schedule was intense, but motivating.  And the food was delicious.  It was really hard being back in Boston, though.  As much as I love it, it made it that much harder to be there.  I was dreading leaving on Saturday and kept thinking about how much I wanted to be there.   Plus, I wanted to be in Boston for City Year, not Jacksonville.  One of my friends who's doing start-up at another site put it perfectly.  She said, "It's like trying out for the baseball team and getting making the soccer team.  As much fun as the soccer team is, it's hard to watch the baseball team because that's what you wanted to do." Jacksonville has gotten a lot better, especially now that I have a car, but it's no Boston. I'm sure it will grow on me more and I'll have a hard time leaving at the end of the year, but right now, Boston has my heart and soul.

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